Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update Haul!

Hiya everyone! I've picked up a few awesome pieces that I wanted to share with you guys. The three items caught my attention the moment I saw them... and I just simply could not resist!

This first item I actually bought online during "Cyber Monday", which is basically the "Black Friday" sale for online stores. I spotted a pair of DV by Dolce Vita boots awhile back on, yet they were too pricey for me (retailing at about $170). But I still kept it in my shopping cart. However, whenever I'm investing money on an expensive piece, I always do some research to find the cheapest value for that item. With that being said, I found the same boots on for around $100!!! PLUS, I got $30 off during the sale. Meaning that I got boots that were originally $170 for $75, including shipping! I was beyond excited. In order to find the best value for an item, search the name of the item on and click the "Shopping" link. This will give you a list of websites that are selling that item and will also give the price!

I love the taupe colored suede and buckle detailing! However, they do make some minor jingling noise when you walk. These boots run true to size but are a little narrow around the widest part of my foot (I do have very wide feet though). But they stretch a little so they fit well after some wear! Also, they're fairly wide around the calf. Keep in mind that you must be careful with suede! I was unlucky and got ketchup on them within the first week! :( So, I suggest you buy a suede boot cleaning kit and some waterproof spray (they're pretty cheap on Amazon).

This awesome orange jacket/blazer is from H&M. The original price was $49.50, but I was able to get them for $20! If you didn't notice, there is a button missing, but H&M is very good with providing extra buttons on the inside tag. I really like the gold buttons because they're so simple but very classic looking. Also, I was surprised by the quality of this item. The stitching is very well done! And I love the slick and smooth feeling of the inside lining.

Now these 5-pocketed skinnies I saw at TJMaxx and immediately was attracted to them. I am a sucker for bright colors, especially for pants and jackets haha. :) They are a bit pinker in person. These reminded me of the pants Cameron Diaz is wearing the in picture below.
Except hers are by Rag & Bone and costs a whopping $175. Mine were by a company named Vigold and bought for $20. So, I had to get them! Even though these are more of a spring type item, you can still wear pastels and brights during the winter! Don't be afraid to add a pop of color to your outfit. :)

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas! <3
Until next time~

Friday, December 2, 2011

Nails, Nails, and a Ring!

For some reason I am just not tired... and it's 5:50am! So, why not blog twice in one day? :D I've been doing my nails and taking pictures of some of them~ so, here they are!

I enjoy sparkles, gradient effects, and got inspired by the night sky, haha kinda cheesy.

The blurriness made the nail prettier!

  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Anti-Chip Top Coat"
  • Silver glitter: Covergirl Boundless Color "City Lights"
  • Navy polish: Nicole by O.P.I "Wavy Navy"

And, here are more sparkles!!

  • Multi-sized purple/pink glitter: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear "Strobe Light"

I got this ring awhile back, but I always wanted to post a picture of it up! I really liked the colors of the stone and thought the swirly designs were pretty~

  • Turquoise-stone antique gold ring: Forever21 for under $5!
Enough blogging for one sleepless night. :) Hope you all enjoyed!

Until next time <3


Hi guys! Wow... I've been away from blogging for two months now, which is way too long. I'm sorry to anyone, if there is anyone, who still follows my blog! School has been making me so busy, but the semester is almost over! So, hopefully I'll be able to update more during winter break. :^)

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! And, I hope you guys got some good shopping done~ I can safely say that I will NOT be doing some shopping for awhile... Black Friday itself was sort of a fail for me... but I was able to snatch some stuff afterwards and on Cyber Monday ^^ I'll try to post my purchases soon!

On another note, it's December!!! yay for my favorite month :D only because it's my birthday soon and Christmas is coming up! In spirit of December, here are two past outfits that I got to take pictures of, nothing fancy though. :(

This is from mid-November when it was chilly and cool outside.

brought out my white converses~

It was so awkward taking self-timer pictures right outside my dorm....

  • Square scarf: Target
  • Loose white shirt: Forever21
  • Gray sleeve-less cardigan: Old Navy
  • Skinny jeans: Forever21
  • White converses: Target

This is from late November when it was FINALLY getting cold. :)

  • Maroon cardigan: H&M
  • Checkered button-up: Hollister Co.
  • Dark jeggings: Target
  • Gray leg warmers: Target
  • Cognac boots: bp. at Nordstrom
I know they're nothing special, but I hope you guys liked them! Wish me luck on my finals next week. :O

Until then~

Friday, October 7, 2011

OOTD: "Here Comes Fall" Sunday, 10/2/11

Yes, fall has started! Time to bring out them scarves. :D This particular one I am wearing is becoming one of my favorites. It matches so well with the autumn colors (orange, red, yellow, brown). Also, I must show off my amazing red, high-waisted, scalloped-hem shorts! <3

Quick bathroom mirror picture haha say hello to the big trash can!

Managed to take this with the self-timer app~ on my beautiful campus :) oh and it looks like I'm growing branches out of my head

Here's a picture of the red shorts off of Urban Outfitter's online store.

Here are the shoes I am wearing. They have round, gunmetal studs on the platform.

  • Feather-inspired scarf: from H&M
  • White silk blouse: from Korea
  • Red scalloped shorts: from Urban Outfitters
  • Cognac purse: from Forever21
  • Cognac sandals: from Aldo
    The weather here is so bipolar... Sunday was so breezy and beautiful and now it's hot again. :( I can't wait for that consistent fall/winter weather!

    Until then~ <3

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    OOTD: Casual Monday, 9/19/11

    Since I have classes everyday, I try to be minimalistic but still put together! So, I decided to pair a dressier silk shirt with a pair of destroyed denim shorts. I also wanted to add a little POP of color so I turned a headband I had into a bracelet by double-wrapping it around my wrist. Also, my hair was just out of my face and in a top knot. :)

    Me trying to be all artistic haha

    and heres a close up of the bracelet!

    oh.. wrinkles >:(
    • Cream silk shirt: J. Crew
    • Brown sandals with gunmetal studs: Aldo
    • Destroyed denim shorts: Forever21
    • Red headband turned bracelet: H&M
    I'm trying my best to update more often... but sorry for slackin!
    Until next time~

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    OOTD: Chilly Wednesday, 9/8/11

    Wow, I haven't updated in weeks! Sorry follower(s), I've been so busy moving in and getting adjusted to college life. :/

    Anyways, my wardrobe has become very laid-back lately. I have no special occasion to dress up for! So, since fall is soon approaching, it's been getting a bit chilly here (which I absolutely love). :D I actually got to wear long pants comfortably! I wasn't able to take a picture of me in the clothes.... sryyyy

    • Beige purse: H&M
    • Canvas/leather mixed sandals: Mossimo bought at Target
    • Pale pink cropped sweater: H&M
    • Olive skinnies: Forever21
    Very casual! Hope you enjoyed C: Until next time~

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    OOTD: Beautiful Sunday, 8/14/11

    Finally, an "Outfit of the Day" post! Sunday was a nice sunny day but got fairly hot towards the afternoon. That's why I decided on light fabrics that would allow air to pass through. I've found that it's extremely difficult to take pictures of yourself on your phone. So, I downloaded a self-timer app and this is what I could come up with! EEEK

    Yeup... posing on the stairs while running late for church, that's how you do it!

    Sorry for any weird shadows. :(

    • Cognac cross-body bag: by "Steve Madden," bought at TJ Maxx
    • White silky blouse: bought in Korea
    • Navy and white polka-dot shorts: by "LC by Lauren Conrad," bought at Kohl's
    • Gold oversized watch: by "MK by Michael Kors," bought online
    • Tan frilly sandals: bought at H&M
    I shall try to find me a DPT (designated picture taker), but until then! <3

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    New Additions to My Collection

    My obsession with shoes and bags can't be normal, but I've been trying my best lately to tone it down a little. However, I can't resist an amazing shoe or bag if I spot one! So, this bad boy I bought a few days ago and have carried it every day since then. I found it hidden behind clothes at my local TJ Maxx! It also came in a black, but the color of the gold accents didn't look too well against the darkness. It's a simple yet detailed bag that can go with anything! Can anyone guess the designer? (Click on pics for a larger view)

    It's Steve Madden, kudos to anyone who guessed right!

    The side detailing (rounded pyramid studs & buckle) give it just the right amount of umph! haha

    This is in a nice cognac/camel color and in a cross-body style. The long straps can come off so you can carry it by the handle. I noticed that some of the Steve Madden bags have threads that fall apart easily, but this one seems to be constructed very well. The back is just plain with a "Steve Madden" plaque located towards the bottom.

    Moving on to shoes! Fall & Winter are somewhat around the corner (Winter being my absolute FAVORITE season), so I had to go on a hunt for some nice, simple boots that would last me for a long time. I randomly went into a Nordstrom one day and they were having their "Anniversary Sale." At first these didn't really appeal to me eye, but I decided to try them on anyways. However, I loved them as soon as they were on my feet! They didn't have my usual size 8's so as soon as I got home, I ordered them online. That's what I call dedication. :D

    They are by bp. for Nordstrom.

    These are also in a nice cognac color and are leather with a slight shine to them. They have about a 1 inch wedge. I liked how the back was simple with just a zipper, allowing you to put them on very easily. They hit right at the knee and the back is slightly shorter, so that it won't be uncomfortable. It has a rounded toe which I feel is more youthful and age-appropriate.

    These next shoes were so cute I couldn't resist! I will be moving into my dorm shortly, and Target kindly had a "Dorm Shoe" section. I can totally see myself wearing these very warm and comfy moccasins around my dorm and on campus during winter time.

    Lastly, I wanted to purchase some jeggings and black skinnies to wear with my boots and when it gets chillier. Can you not tell I'm beyond over this summer heat? Winter...... please please come NOW!

    I got both from Forever21 and for under $15!

    Phew, that seemed like a ridiculously long post. I'll be trying to post some new additions in the next couple of days. Until then! <3

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    Hello Blogspot World!

    Hi, my name is Sabrina, but my friends like to call me "Sab!" Believe it or not but my first passion in life was fashion. I remember when I was a kid I loved making clothes for my Barbie dolls, constantly drew sketches in my notebooks, and experimented with sewing machines. I always told my mom that I would become a fashion designer one day. Although my interests may have changed throughout the years, fashion was the one thing in life that always stayed with me. Some may judge me as fashion-less, but who cares what they say! I may not "dress to impress" or have stand out fashion all the time, but that doesn't make my passion any less worthy. So, like my fashion for what it is and I'll promise to stay true to the real "Simplistic Sab." Yay for that corny last line! C: