Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update Haul!

Hiya everyone! I've picked up a few awesome pieces that I wanted to share with you guys. The three items caught my attention the moment I saw them... and I just simply could not resist!

This first item I actually bought online during "Cyber Monday", which is basically the "Black Friday" sale for online stores. I spotted a pair of DV by Dolce Vita boots awhile back on, yet they were too pricey for me (retailing at about $170). But I still kept it in my shopping cart. However, whenever I'm investing money on an expensive piece, I always do some research to find the cheapest value for that item. With that being said, I found the same boots on for around $100!!! PLUS, I got $30 off during the sale. Meaning that I got boots that were originally $170 for $75, including shipping! I was beyond excited. In order to find the best value for an item, search the name of the item on and click the "Shopping" link. This will give you a list of websites that are selling that item and will also give the price!

I love the taupe colored suede and buckle detailing! However, they do make some minor jingling noise when you walk. These boots run true to size but are a little narrow around the widest part of my foot (I do have very wide feet though). But they stretch a little so they fit well after some wear! Also, they're fairly wide around the calf. Keep in mind that you must be careful with suede! I was unlucky and got ketchup on them within the first week! :( So, I suggest you buy a suede boot cleaning kit and some waterproof spray (they're pretty cheap on Amazon).

This awesome orange jacket/blazer is from H&M. The original price was $49.50, but I was able to get them for $20! If you didn't notice, there is a button missing, but H&M is very good with providing extra buttons on the inside tag. I really like the gold buttons because they're so simple but very classic looking. Also, I was surprised by the quality of this item. The stitching is very well done! And I love the slick and smooth feeling of the inside lining.

Now these 5-pocketed skinnies I saw at TJMaxx and immediately was attracted to them. I am a sucker for bright colors, especially for pants and jackets haha. :) They are a bit pinker in person. These reminded me of the pants Cameron Diaz is wearing the in picture below.
Except hers are by Rag & Bone and costs a whopping $175. Mine were by a company named Vigold and bought for $20. So, I had to get them! Even though these are more of a spring type item, you can still wear pastels and brights during the winter! Don't be afraid to add a pop of color to your outfit. :)

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas! <3
Until next time~

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